Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today I unpacked some books which I brought to my new house from my mum's and started to look through what I'd been using as bookmarks at the time of reading them. It provides a neat little personal/social history.

  • A fiery furnaces sticker given to me by the band the night my band opened for them.
  • A letter from a nun, who was my boss at the time.
  • A boarding card for a flight to Gatwick.
  • A boarding card for a flight to Paris.
  • A boarding card for a flight from New Orleans to Miami.
  • A university reference for an ex-student called Briege Nugent.
  • An essay I clearly never marked by a student called Clare McKenna (not very good).
  • A ticket for a Fugazi show in Dublin.
  • A ticket for a Ted Leo show in Dublin on the night I kissed my girlfriend for the first time and met my friend Jonathan with a puffy eye.
  • A "pass" allowing me to enter an old friend's younger brother's tree house.
  • A flyer for a quack quack/clone quartet/selah gig.
  • A receipt from the bookshop at NYU.
  • A picture of Steinbeck (in a book by Steinbeck).
  • A restaurant bill in French.
  • A restaurant bill in Spanish (from Argentina, I think).
  • A receipt for coffee, cigarettes and magazines from a newsagents in New York.
  • A random, unidentified phone number.
  • A ticket for the squid and the whale, which I went to with Tanya.
  • A post-it saying "Please file these Barry, Bernie".
  • A letter which reads... Dear Teacher, Jenny was very sick this morning with severe stomach pains and vomiting. This is the reason she was a little late for school. Please allow Jenny to use the bathroom if she asks.
I genuinely can't wait to get the rest and start unpacking them.


Bobs said...

THe Veggie Blogger is alive. Thank f**k.

stubborn tiny light said...

I hope you find a note saying "Dear Future Self, Told you this book wasn't worth it."

I wouldn't like to speculate which book.